Book an Appointment


New patients will need to complete the following steps:

1. Obtain a physical therapy prescription from your physician & submit it to Muller & Weber Physical Therapy.

2. Schedule your first appointment at Muller & Weber Physical Therapy by calling 805- 682-3870. Let the staff know you are interested in aquatic physical therapy. During your initial evaluation, the physical therapist will deem if aquatic physical therapy is the best fit for you.

3. Schedule an appointment at Muller Aquatic Center. After your initial evaluation, the friendly front office staff will assist you in scheduling your first pool appointment.


If you are a current patient and would like to schedule additional appointments, you have a few options:

- Call us at 805-845-1231.

- Email us at

- Schedule in person at the pool (22 Anacapa St).

- Schedule in person at the main office (2324 Bath St) or call 805-682-3870.