Classes are designed for healthy individuals. It is the responsibility of the patron to take a break or substitute with another exercise if an exercise is too difficult or causes pain. Instructors will provide exercise modifications to lessen or increase the difficulty of certain exercises and will provide ample cueing for correct technique.

Instructors will teach classes according to the class description, including difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). To attend an intermediate or advanced level class, patrons must be safe and independent in deep water (wearing buoyancy belt or using buoyancy equipment as needed) for 40-45 minutes.

Open swim is not allowed during class times. If registered for class, patrons must participate in the class plan.

If a class participant requires a caregiver/assistant to enter or exit the pool, perform aquatic exercise, and/or to don/doff equipment, he must provide his own assistant.

Muller Aquatic Center provides all of the necessary pool equipment used in classes. While patrons are welcome to bring their own equipment (such as flotation belts or gloves), Muller Aquatic Center is not responsible for injuries resulting from damaged/broken equipment.

Class participants may enter the pool up to 10 minutes early at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty. Class participants must exit the pool as soon as class ends, or within 10 minutes if waiting to use a shower.

No children under the age of 18 are permitted to participate in water fitness classes.


Participants are highly encouraged to register for class beforehand in-person, via phone, or online via or the Mindbody app. There are no standing reservations. Participants must register for every class they want to attend.

Each class is capped at a certain number of participants to ensure there is adequate space and equipment for all. If a class appears “full”, patrons may sign up for the wait list. If an opening becomes available in class, they will be notified by email (and/or by phone) and added to the class roster.

Wait List, Cancellation, & No Show Policy

If patrons drop in for a class without a reservation and the class is full, they can wait to see if all registered participants arrive. If a space is available after 10 minutes past the class start time, they may join the class.

If a patron signs up for a class and does not show up, she will be charged 1 class from her 10-class package or a $10 fee. To avoid this no show/late cancellation fee, participants must cancel their reservations with at least 2 hours' notice. 

Class instructors reserve the right to refuse pool entry to individuals who arrive > 10 minutes late for class, as late arrivals can be disruptive to other class participants, Missing the warm-up may also lead to injury. Class instructors will refuse pool entry if patrons arrive > 10 minutes late and a wait-listed individual has joined the class in his/her slot.