Aquatic Personal Training

Aquatic personal training sessions are available for patrons of all ages (18+), abilities, and fitness levels. Our instructors design individualized exercise programs catered to each participant's unique fitness and wellness goals. Most sessions are one-on-one; however, small group options are available if you would like to work out with a friend or family member.

Are you someone who ...

  • is new to aquatic exercise?

  • has specific goals, like improving balance, losing weight, or strengthening before knee replacement surgery?

  • has an injury and wants to stay in shape but isn't quite sure what to do in the pool (besides swimming!)?

  • would benefit from aquatic exercise to complement land-based workouts & reduce the chance of overuse injuries with your current sports training regimen?

  • has maximized health insurance benefits (or doesn't have insurance!) and would still like 1:1 training?

  • needs help in the pool but doesn't have anyone that can assist you?

  • wants swim lessons in Santa Barbara?

  • would like the accountability of scheduled personal training sessions?

Aquatic personal training at Muller Aquatic Center may be perfect for you! Email or call us (#805-845-1231) to get started.

Pricing Options

$25 / (1) 30-minute session

$40 / (1) 60-minute session

$140 / package of (4) 60-minute sessions, expires in 2 months

$240 / package of (8) 60-minute sessions, expires in 2 months